Our Values

We will be guided by the basic values of honesty and integrity at all times. We will adhere to a strict code of business conduct, ensuring that our people employ the highest standards of business ethics in all dealings with clients, suppliers, colleagues and with general public.

Our corporate governance practices will be designed to meet the expectations of stakeholders, and will become the standard for similar companies operating globally.

We will communicate directly, openly and frequently within the organisation and with our clients in order to create strong interpersonal relationships and mutual trusts – the foundation of strong teams.

We believe that growth is the derivative of the success of our stakeholders and the relationships we build with them.

Customers We will do what we promise and we will not promise what we cannot do.
Employees They are our most important resource. We are committed to ensuring the personal and professional well-being and growth of our employees.
Partners We will be fair to our partners and build a win-win relationship with them.

Quality Statement: “Service – Beyond your Expectations”

Software development in iBusiness Tech is an engineering process with scientifically proven methods and systematic activities, with quality interwoven throughout the life-cycle of the project. Using the Iterative Development Methodology (IDM) for software development, iBusiness Tech has been able to provide its clients with total computing solutions in a time bound manner, with transparency and accountability throughout the product development life-cycle.

The project team customises the Iterative Development Methodology project plans and templates for every project as needed. Regularly reviewed, these processes become the basis for planning out the activities related to project management, risk management, metrics, standards and methodologies, as well as configuration management.

We will maintain our success through:

A learning environment – Encourage employees to take initiative and risks, Learn from mistakes and share the experiences; so that the organisation can assimilate new technologies and devise newer means of delivering optimum solutions to clients.

Timely follow through – Perform tasks to their completion and within agreed schedules.

Attention to detail – Thoughtful and sincere dedication to planning and execution of all the “little things” that are important to successful relationships.

And finally…

Commitment to excellence – We shall seek perfection in all aspects of our business viz. client interactions, employee support and business partner relationships.