Custom Applications Development

Whether the task is tweaking an off the shelf product, maintaining a legacy system, or building a new enterprise application, you can count on us for all your custom application development needs. Our customer-centred approach, wide range of services and experienced staff make us an ideal partner for any custom application development project.

Our custom application development services can help you:

  • Perform analysis to develop the best application for your needs
  • Develop custom applications to integrate with current systems
  • Offer solutions for legacy applications and migration to new systems
  • Deploy custom web applications developed for integration with current systems
  • Provide complete life cycle support from design to implementation to enhancements
  • Provide metrics and tools for efficiency analysis
  • Offer tailored training curriculum for custom applications

We specialise in implementing solutions in business domains such as: database design, development and maintenance, internet/intranet, website development, business consulting, knowledge management, IT Consulting, and more! Our team members are specialists in custom solutions with degrees and certifications that lead to quality outcomes.


Whatever your (business process / management) needs may be, we’re ready to provide a (technology) solution that truly delivers.

5 reasons businesses use the cloud


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Business Process Management (BPM)

In addition to a wealth of software development experience, our consultants are AIIM certified in the areas of Electronic Records Management and Business Process Management.

Any technological solution can be only as good as the business process it is mapped to. Before you venture out to making an investment into IT software or hardware project you will need to establish some good, thoroughly planned, tested business processes and translate them in to the system.
Are you looking to see increased success in Sales, Revenue, ROI and a satisfied Customer base or launch another business area? Our experienced Business Process Management (BPM) consultants can help you:

  • Analyse and map out your current business processes
  • Find areas for improved efficiency and enhanced productivity
  • Develop process re-engineering strategies
  • Propose suitable technology solutions for redefined processes

BPM Health Check

If you want to identify gaps in your current business processes or strategies so as to see an increase in business and revenue as a result, we can perform a review and recommend things that can be improved or streamlined. Additionally, we can recommend suitable technology solutions to achieve your business interests with the help of revised strategy and approach. This is a free and no-obligation service and you don’t need to commit to us to implement our recommendations.

Alternatively, you can request for a Comprehensive BPM Audit that provides you with detailed report that includes flow charts and figures. This will be carried out over few days and may incur a small cost.