ViciDocs Enterprise

ViciDocs Enterprise lies at the centre of the records / document / content management solution providing the central management, storage, business process workflow and comprehensive security. iBusiness Tech in conjunction with Vicisoft Tech (India) allows you to deploy one of the most sophisticated Electronic Document Management Solutions, at an affordable price.

ViciDocs is a comprehensive and user-friendly enterprise scale Electronic Document Management System that allows you to capture, store, archive, search, retrieve and maintain documents with the click of a few buttons. It also features a powerful workflow system that facilitates electronic (‘paperless’) flow of documents through an organisation, no matter where the individuals who are part of the flow are located – on a one-room home network, in different floors of a building, in different buildings on a campus or in different countries altogether! What’s more, the documents can be accessed and worked on by only those that are permitted to access them.  Return to EDM Solutions.

One of the unique and extremely useful features of ViciDocs is its powerful state-of-the-art search engine that allows fuzzy logic search, proximity search, thesaurus search etc. based on the content of the documents (Full Text Search) – combine this with split second timings to search hundreds of thousands of documents and you can’t not find a document quickly even with just a tiny bit of information about it.

Some Key Features of ViciDocs

  • Powerful Search Capabilities – include normal, Boolean, fuzzy, Proximity, Stemming etc. searches in addition to searching by meta data and keywords; makes it virtually impossible not to find a document in the system. Documents found are displayed in terms of relevance and with context so that only documents that are of interest may be homed into. Search is very fast – 1 or 2 seconds as opposed to minutes in some cases.
  • In-built Viewer – allows viewing of upto 150 document formats so that documents can be viewed even if the native application does not reside on the computer.
  • Accessibility – a web client allows users to access their folders and documents over the internet; administration is also web based, so admin tasks can be carried out by an administrator from any remote location.
  • OCR Engine built in – a powerful OCR with a load of 10,000 pages per month is part of the solution pricing. Being Server based, this reduces the number of Run Time Licences an organisation has to buy, thus saving costs.
  • Ease of use – almost no learning curve in using the software; if a person can use MS-Office they can use ViciDocs. Folder structures mimic Windows Explorer so you can continue to use your existing folder structures as long as you wish. Ease of use extends to the admin module also.
  • Email storage – plug-in provided so that emails can be directly stored into the DMS without having to store them into Word or TXT files first.
  • Meta Data Index Fields – any number of fields can be defined, fields can be defined as editable or non-editable drop-down lists. Zone and Text based OCR for population of index fields is possible.
  • Security – powerful security features so that only those that are permitted to access documents can actually access them; different types of access such as Read Only, Read & Write etc. can be defined.
  • File compression during scanning and storing directly as images means that scanned documents are economically stored in the system (an A4 scanned file typically occupies around 50K); ‘merge’ and ‘arrange’ features ensure that scanned pages of a document can be merged into one document or arranged in user-defined layouts.
  • Document-linking in different folders or even repositories so that when a document is searched, the linked documents can also be viewed (subject to access rights).
  • Bar-code based routing means that scanning can be left to operators without them having to know where to file them on the system (ideal in a centralised scanning situation).
  • Integrity & Audit Trails – Documents in the system cannot be modified without checking them out of the system. Even when modifications are made and checked back in, the original document remains and so do all checked-in versions. Comprehensive and detailed audit trail reports can be created so that track can be maintained of sensitive (or all) documents.
  • Route documents in a workflow from user to user with comments and annotations made along the way; uses the Whitehall system.
  • Scalability – can move from a small departmental LAN implementation to an enterprise implementation over a wide area network.
  • Bespoke Elements – our ability to integrate with many third party products (ViciDocs exposes C & Java APIs) as well as to develop bespoke features means that if an important feature suggests itself to you in future, we will be willing to consider incorporating it into the system for you. This is something few EDM vendors would be willing to do.

Should you need any further information or wish to discuss with us, please contact us.